A modern toolkit for the Philips Hue API.

Kotlin SDK

Control your Hue devices with a rich Coroutine API.

Get Started

CLI Tools

Cross-platform command line application to control Hue devices.

Get Started

Straightforward API's

Shade provides API's that are intuitive, making it easy to get started.

suspend fun turnLightsOn() {
            on = on,
            brightness = 50.percent,
            colorTemperature = 5000.kelvin

Kotlin Coroutines makes controlling your Hue lights on the JVM easy, while maintaining a well-structured asynchronous API.

Cross-Platform CLI

Shade's command line tools run on Mac, Windows or Linux. Built on Shade's SDK, the CLI provides an easy way to control lights in any terminal or script.

$ shade lights:list
  name: Renee's Office
  uuid: 00:19:28:37:00:a1:b9:f2-0b
  type: Extended color light
  name: Kitchen
  uuid: 00:91:82:73:00:b9:c3:7a-0b
  type: Extended color light

$ shade lights:control 1 --on --brightness 50

Free and Stable

Shade is free, Open Source, actively maintained, and always looking for contributions.

There are many Hue devices and things to do with them.
Testing all that can be difficult. If you have an issue, please tell us!